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Wild American Ginseng

Wild American Ginseng is a site that links buyers and sellers of wild American ginseng and other American ginseng products. Wild American ginseng is a plant in the ivy family native to North America. American ginseng has a forked root that sometimes resembles the form of human-like appendages. Native Americans used American ginseng for medicinal purposes.

American ginseng is a native perennial plant that grows in woodlands throughout the mountain areas of the Eastern United States and Canada. Plants sprout in early spring, produce small greenish-yellow flowers and green fruit in mid-summer.  The plants mature to a bright red color. Plants die back in the fall. American ginseng roots have been traded continuously in international commerce since the beginning of the 18th Century. The biggest market has always been in Asian countries, which buy more than 30 tons of wild American ginseng every year.

American ginseng was once widespread in the Appalachian and Ozark regions. Now it is rare in most parts of the United States. Wisconsin grows around 95% of the total American ginseng in the United States.

Wild American ginseng is rare and valuable. Many people make a living finding the ginseng roots and selling them. Certain states require permits to harvest ginseng from state protected forests, while other states do not require permits at all. States have certain requirements as far as how many prongs the ginseng must have, in a way to stop premature ginseng from being harvested.

All of the ginseng products on this site are from eBay sellers who make a living selling ginseng.